Crazy Color

If you’ve been following this you will know that I picked out my color scheme a milllion years ago.  Originally I had decided on black and white damask with turquoise (aqua).  As I’ve thought about the venue and imagined the decor I kept getting hung up on the linens.  I want color on the linens and not the plain white.  So I had thought of the black/white damask linens. 

However, the more I imagined the more I thought it may be too busy for the size of the room with everything else going on.  What’s a crazy bride to do?  I’ve only been set on this for months!

Back to square one!  I know I have to keep the black because of the bridesmaids dresses.  I also wanted to keep the blue.  I think it goes so well with the beach wedding.  Then I thought how about jewel tones?  Aqua and purple!!!  The inspiration was the beautiful purple hydrangeas I saw in the store that go from deep purple and fade to a lovely blue.  Deal done! 

My new colors are turquoise, purple and black.  I need to find the exact purple and get a swatch and name but I’ve uploaded pictures of my inspiration.  Enjoy!!!

Anyone else change their mind on color or theme?

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